Our Story

The name Hophead comes from the core of hip-hop culture. The origin of hip-hop was a voice for the injustice done to the slaves, we are rooted to the culture and we are modern age voice for a change.

There are many kids who need our help today for their better tomorrow, kids who are struggling with many health issues, hoping that they’ll get enough food for one day to survive another, those innocent lives that look up to us and they pray for the change that their life would get better. HopHead is standing with those kids and offering them a helping hand. We as a team aim to be there for those kids who don’t have anyone to look after them and bring a change in their life, working on building a bridge to their brighter better future. HopHead proudly announces their tie up with Nanhi Pari foundation where hophead is going to give 10% of its making to the foundation for the welfare of those children. It’s time we stand up for those kids who are going to be our future and will be the change in the society and carry forward the HopHead legacy. By adding HopHead you won’t only style your outfit but you are styling many lives, supporting them and being a reason behind their bright twinkling smiles.

Along side being a premium streetwear brand that is making a change in the society we are also eco friendly, all our packaging is made out of recycled paper.

It’s time we stop asking for the change and start being the change.


Building bridges for a brighter better tomorrow

Building Bridges for their better brighter tomorrow. 


You can add more value by donating directly to Nanhi Pari foundation through this link. 


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